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Who can benefit from Clear + Brilliant treatments? Clear + Brilliant is a beneficial treatment for people of all genders, ages and skin types, who want to be proactive in their skin care, addressing the early signs of ageing or maintaining the look of their skin. What…

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Is Clear + Brilliant Right for You?

Indications that Clear + Brilliant may be right for you: You already have or plan to begin a skin care regimen to help protect against the natural and environmental effects of ageing You like the way your skin looks today, and want to keep that fresh look for years to…

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There’s more to the story than meets the eye. Clear + Brilliant results are plain to see, but when it comes to refreshing the way you look, sometimes the real changes are more than skin deep. See and hear the power of change directly from real Clear + Brilliant…

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The Clear + Brilliant Difference

With over 2 million treatments, more than 20 published clinical studies, and a history of innovation in preventative skin treatments, be assured that the Clear + Brilliant system has proven safety, efficacy and comfort. For a Simple, Effective, Affordable and Proactive…

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What to Expect

Clear + Brilliant. Focused. Precise. Gentle. While Clear + Brilliant is based on advanced technology, getting a Clear + Brilliant treatment is simple. All treatments begin with a consultation with your skin care practitioner to see if Clear + Brilliant is right for…

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